SportART Innovates!

EmbraceMe Technology

Towards wrist, continuously increasing compression effect of the SportART VolleySleeves provides endless benefits. It enables better veino-muscular blood return, which radically enhances player’s performance and perseverance, dampens the shock wave, which otherwise travels throughout the whole arm and causes excessive performance deterioration, increases regeneration ability of muscle fibers by reducing the amount of lactate their generate during the play.

SportART Embrace_White


EmbraceMe+ technology ensures gradual increase of compression towards the ankle/wrist. This way SportART VolleySleeve KID-O and SportART Socks provide a state-of-the-art veino-muscular blood return from forearm and legs. EmbraceMe+ comparing to EmbraceMe Technology delivers 20-30% higher compression ratio while retaining the best shock dampening ability. Compression level of the products featuring EmbraceMe+ is aimed to fall within 15-20 mmHg.

SportART embraceme_plus

DryBall Technology

Our SportART VolleySleeves are made of a top-notch European DryBall fabric developed especially with a goal of reducing the amount of moisture transferred from the arm of a receiving player onto the ball to ensure as smooth pass and consecutive play as possible. As a result, the team-play is more consistent than ever before and you won’t ever lose a technical point to your opponent.

SportART DryBall_White

Intelligent Padding

SportART VolleySleeves are specifically designed to relieve the skin irritation of your forearm caused during the play. The thickness-to-compression ratio of the fabric is chosen to precisely provide necessary padding while leaving the arm fully flexible and ideally compressed. Padding is reached using a polyester layer featuring microscopic strings that flex under the ball impact and transform impact energy into a heat.

SportART intelligent_padding

Tough-y Padding

SportART VolleySleeve KID-O introduces a breakthrough layer of foam-like fabric composed into forearm compression sleeve that reduces the irritation caused by the ball impacts to virtually non-existent. Try it and you certainly won’t regret! SportART CompresSocks feature this technology at the ankle area to minimise irritation from feet vs. shoe rubbing.

SportART Toughy

Seamless Cut

SportART VolleySleeves comes with seamless upper and bottom ending design. Although the reason to use the 2.0-generation silicone transferring is also aesthetical, it provides endless benefits in terms of holding the sleeve at the exactly intended position (upper ending) and reducing the possibility of the sew interference with ball to none (bottom ending).

SportART seamless_cut


SportART VolleySleeves Slip-Stop-Stripe technology is the first of its kind to be specifically developed following the idiosyncratic needs of volleyball players. It provides additional support in the most extreme and agile parts of the game. With the Slip-Stop-Stripes, the ball simply won’t “slip-off your arm”!

SportART Stripes_White


Be visible, be stylish, be the centerpoint! EnlightColoring technology makes you the centre of attention in any case. Special sublimation coloring procedure of DryBall Material ensures super-fluorescent characteristics of the fabric.

SportART Technologies

Nice Touch

Whether you are in advantage or battling a dominant competitor, you will always appreciate our thoughtful slogans and mottos aiming to keep you motivated 😉

SportART NiceTouch-White


As is the case with Slip-Stop-Stripes, Slip-Stop-Spots provide astonishing stability to your feet during the play. The unintended movement of the feet in shoe is completely eliminated by OUTER as well as INNER silicone spots, so you can fully focus on your performance. The stability is taken care of by Slip-Stop-Spots!

SportART slipstopspots

Achilles’s Shield

SportART Achilles’s Shield stands for a technology providing extra compression to your feet in around the area of the Achilles’s tendon. In addition, thermo fibers formed into small dots included in this area keep the tendon in optimal temperature to prevent micro tears.

SportART achilles_shield

Calf-e Cooling

Calf-e Cooling is a technology used by SportART products designed to increase the player’s performance by easing the transfer of heat from the calf. The more active you are the hotter your muscles get! Keep them cool and ensure that they can perform well!

SportART calfe_cooling