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SportART’s Social Responsibility

In Our business conduct, We take a great deal of effort to minimise Our ecological footprint and be always accountable for our operations to the society. But, our efforts do not end with a simple accountability! Our CSR initiatives could be outlined in two streams:


SportART is a good employer, neighbour and a generous donor.

Our main activity in the area of Social Responsibility is clearly the SportART FOUNDATION. We give up 20% of the manufacturer’s margin on a regular, semi-annual, basis and a part of SportART’s annual profit. SportART Foundation, which operates following 0-cost-policy, supports physically challenged individuals and socially disadvantaged talents in central european countries. By purchasing our product you can proudly call yourself an indirect donor of SportART Foundation!

On a day-to-day basis we are aware that our business is only sustainable until we remain capable of harnessing the will and enthusiasm of our employees with unconditional and timely recognition of their merit. We are confident to claim that since SportART was founded, it remained one of the best employers within our community.


SportART is a responsible manufacturer!

It is a part of our mission to keep our planet a nice place to live-play-win in 🙂 . Therefore, in manufacturing process we strictly refuse cooperation with fabric producers who do not share our core value of social responsibility. Our products are always made of fabrics with Oeko-Tex certificate and our packaging is manufactured either from recycled or recyclable material.