Compression Garment

SportART Compression Garment

Compression garment is necessary equipment for every sports person. Its main advantages come from a better and faster recovery and performance enhancements when used during the sporting activity.

To fully understand the benefits of SportART compression garment we need to focus on the muscular and blood circulatory functions of our body:

  • One of the vital elements in the athlete’s body functioning is the blood circulatory system, which includes vascular and lymphatic system. These are intended to supply muscles with oxygenated blood at a higher pressure than what is in the core of a muscle. At the same time, this system ensures the outflow of deoxygenated blood and waste from the metabolic system – lactic acid – under lower blood pressure. Hence, the prolonged activity diminishes the venous and lymphatic system’s efficiency. The negative effect is most pronounced in areas with adverse influence of gravity (lower limbs – quads and calfs). According to the physiotherapists using properly sized and graded compression garment, such as SportART compress, can improve the efficiency of blood return by as much as 30%.
  • Other element is the muscle function on itself. Muscles are constantly contracting and relaxing as you are active, this leads to micro-ruptures in the muscular fibre. This effect is enhanced by the weight of the muscle, which creates a momentum as you run or play and causes further strains during agile activity. SportART compression garment is specifically designed to positively influence the muscle function by minimizing the effect of muscle shocks and momentum losses, resulting in better performance and endurance.

Different types of compression for different needs:

SportART compression garment is carefully tested for its compressive property. The compression is rated on the mmHg scale. Compression garment, in general, comes in 4 grades, where third and fourth compression grade requires medical prescription and is used for thrombosis treatment.

Depending on the characteristics of the given product, SportART focuses on the first and second compression grade, when second compression grade products are preferred as a during activity equipment and the first compression grade products are recommended for leisure, travelling and recovery purposes.